When a certain topic is important and you wish to save it for easier access, this is the right place for you. 

Save a Topic

Select the topic you want to save. In the right side section, click the Save button.

Once the topic is saved, the icon changes it's color. As an indicator that the topic is properly saved.

All the topics you've saved are all accessible in the Saved page. Just click Saved located in the side menu.

That's how easy saving a topic is. 

Unsaved a Topic

Maybe there are certain time that you already wish to unsaved a certain topic, well no problem. Will be guiding you on how to unsaved the topics no longer needed. Let's begin.

Access Saved page and select the topic you wish to unsaved.

Click the save icon, once you successfully unsaved the topic the color of the save icon should be back to plain color. And the topic will no longer be visible in your Saved page.

We're DONE. You can now save and unsaved topics as you wish.

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