Leaving a comment to a topic is very easy just like counting 1, 2, 3. Let's get started.

Leaving a Comment

Let's assume, you already selected the topic you wish to comment. 

Once you have selected a topic, the topic description will be displayed. And below that topic, you can see a Leave a comment field. 

Once you got something to comment about, just fill in your words and express your thoughts in the text field and click Send.

Tip: If you wish to use Enter or Ctrl Enter when posting your comments, you may configure it by accessing Settings and change the Message send key settings. 

Nice job! You have posted your first ever comment. Are we done yet? Nope. We know that giving comments and opinion should be exciting and more expressive. So we've prepared some amazing features to add-on to your simple comments.


Of course it's more fun if we can add some funny faces right? So give it a try, pick the best emojis you can add on your comment by just clicking the emoji icon.

Mention a member

In case you needed to mention someone in your comment, no worries we got you on this. Just click the icon beside the text field or you can just use " @ " sign and select the member name.

Attaching Images and Files 

We are not done yet, in comments we can also attach a file or an image. Just click the " + " and choose the necessary files you wish to attach and click the Upload.

Quoting a comment

If you wish to quote on existing comments, all you have to do is highlight that text and click Quote comment.

Comment Action buttons

When you hover your mouse to a certain comment, you can see some buttons on the right side, these are some extra actions you can do on a comment. 

A. Seen By - when clicking the seen by icon, it will show a pop-up with all the list of members who have seen that comment.

B. Reactions - you can give reactions to a specific comment by clicking this button, you have several options to choose based
on how you wish to react. 

C. Reply - you can also reply to a specific comment by selecting this action.

D. Edit - if you're the owner of that comment this action will be displayed, in case you need to modify something on your comment just click Edit.

E. Delete - we have delete option in case you've mistakenly posted a comment, so don't worry you have that power to delete.

Finally we are done! You're now an expert in leaving a comment, and don't forget to brighten up your comments by using an extra add-on like images and emojis. 

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