As the owner of the team, you have all access on managing billing, payment and plans.

First, login with your owner account.  

Select [Settings] at the bottom of side menu.

[Billing] and [Integrations] settings are only shown to Owner and Admin role.

Owner can update billing information and/or switch plans at any time. 

In case you have questions or any concerns, kindly contact us by clicking [Contact us] from the side menu in Oneteam, or by clicking chat icon displayed at the right bottom of this screen.

■Chang your plan

Click [Change] from [Your plan] and choose from the list of options.

■Chang your payment method
Click [Change] from [Payment Method] and modify method according to your options.

Update billing information
Click [Edit] from [Billing information] and edit your company address and name.

■View payment activities and bill
Click [Payment activities] to check the payment activities.

■View and Download bill
Click [Download] in bill. You can download a PDF copy of your bill.

Click here to see how to upgrade to a paid plan.

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