Oneteam is a Topic-based collaboration tool capable of the discussion, confirmation or work assignment for each subject, purpose or issue. All the contents such as files required for the discussion can be gathered by each subject, purpose and issue. You can assign members and decide the next action in accordance to each purpose. We support to create your team that can carry the project through to the end. Let's collaborate and get things done with the team!!


Oneteam's unique Topics feature improves information flow and makes online meetings accessible anywhere at any time.


Unlike chat tools, you can set a meeting space in Topics by agenda about content you want to discuss in the group. By creating Topics based on clear propositions, it will make your meetings efficient.

Advanced settings on who to share meeting spaces with

Select groups and individuals to share meeting spaces. Easily organize meetings by inviting only the important people.

Share basic information before meetings

Post basic information on subjects such as the project background and goals in the Topics body to share with participants before meetings.

A full-range of document preview functions

View documents without downloading the data on your device. Check documents on the go and join in the meeting.

Comment function

All participants of a Topic can exchange their opinions online.


Allocate remaining tasks occurred as a result of a meeting and the tasks can be aggregated by individuals. This will assist you in accelerating the progress of the project.


Search not only with keywords but also by "topic creator", "group" and "date of creation". Easy history checking will improve your PDCA cycle.

Multi-team function - One user can belong to multiple teams

Your Oneteam members can belong to other companies' Oneteam to make communication seamless.

Guest user function - Only selected information can be shared with external users

External users can view only selected information (disclosure limitation) so information can be shared and will accelerate collaboration with external members.

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