This section is a guide designed for people who want to start a new team workspace, or anyone who wants more information about setting up a new one.

As an Owner of the team you'll be able to assign administrative roles and permissions to certain members that you choose, so they can help with ongoing organization, set up, and member management. 

Step 1 - Creating a Team Workspace 

So you have decided to create a team in Oneteam to help your orgranization to collaborate. We're excited and we are here to support you.

First, go to Sign up to create a new team. All you need is a valid email address and fill up all necessary fields. Once done, just click Create a new team.

Hooray! You successfully created a team and you are now the primary owner.

Step 2 - Inviting Teammates 

Once the team successfully created, it's time to invite your team members. Or you can invite them later when you're workspace are all set up. If you wish to invite them now just input their email addresses and click Invite and Get started.

Step 3 - Set up Profile Settings

We need to prepare your display photo, but if you are a bit shy you can just upload a funny or cute avatar by just clicking the Choose Image. Once uploaded, enter your display name and Save. You can also do this later by just clicking Change Later.

Step 4 - Configure Team Settings

This time, let's configure your team settings.

A. Access the dropdown beside the team name.
B. Click Team Settings.

Once your'e in Team settings page, you can either change the Team Name or the Team Icon.

When changing team name, just input the name in the field and click save. If you don't want to change anything just click Cancel.

When changing team icon, just click Choose image and upload your team icon, once uploaded just click Save. If you don't want the photo just remove by clicking Remove image.

Step 5 - Inviting members with a specific roles 

Now you're almost done, it's time to invite your team members and choose the right permission for them. 

A. Click the Invite Members located in the bottom left of the screen.

Once you're in the Invite Member page, you have 3 ways to invite your members.

1- Create by person, with this way you can input multiple email addresses, their name and roles. You can also add them on a specific group. Once you have fill up the fields just click Send.

2- Create by email list, in this way you can list all the email addresses of your members then select a one time role for the list of emails you have inputted. You may also add them in the group. Once done just click Send.

3- Create Guest by person, as we mentioned, you can also invite guest with a limited permission within your team workspace. You just have to input their email address, name and guest role is selected by default. Note: For guest, it is required to add them in a group. If you don't have a group you cannot invite guest members. But don't worry creating a group is too easy. We will give the guide on the next step.  

Step 6 - Creating a Group

As we said, creating a group is so easy, it won't take 1 minute. 

A. Display your side menu and in the group section, just click the Create new group.

B. When the create a new group pop-up will be displayed, just click choose image to upload a group icon, fill up the group name and the display name and click Create.

C. Next, you will need to add some members on the group by just clicking the Add Members.

D. Now you're in the members list, you just have to select the members you wanted to be part of the group. 

You're finally DONE. Now you have your group set up, feel free to invite your guest members by just following Step 5.

What's Next

For convenience, you can download the desktop app and mobile apps so you can check and update your team whenever, wherever you wish.




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