If you're a newly member of your team, this is the place for you. As a member of the team you can view topics, task and even chat with your co-members anytime and anywhere you are. 

Joining a Team workspace

To be able to get started, first you will need to wait for the invitation from your team or organization. Once you've received the email:

1- Open the email invitation and click SIGN UP.

2- Fill up the necessary fields and click Sign Up.

3- Almost Done! We just need to setup your profile settings. Click the Choose image and select the best photo you have.

4- Enter your Display Name.

5- When you're satisfied, click the Save button. You may also click Change later if you wish to edit it later.

Now you've done setting up your account, for convenience let's download the mobile application so you will be keep updated with your team anytime anywhere!

Download Oneteam's desktop and mobile apps

You can sign in and use your account in Desktop and Mobile Apps. You just need to click on the following link.




Mac OS

What's Next

Now that you're all set up and already downloaded the mobile app for your devices, it's time to INTRODUCE yourself to the TEAM. 

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